ARM’s team has a proven track record in delivering expert insight and tailored air quality solutions for industry, government, research, and the academic sectors. Our team of engineers and scientists are at the forefront in the field, and provide a complete range of air quality services, including:

Air Quality Regulatory & Policy Services

  • Development & review on norms and standards for all technical & policy aspects of air quality management
  • Benchmarking of international best practice with regards to air quality regulations
  • Expert Technical Reviews
  • Expert Witness
  • Senior counsel legal advice on air quality compliance or regulatory issues

Air Quality Impact Assessments

  • Stakeholder engagement and communication 
  • Public participation process with I&AP’s
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments 
  • Ambient air quality impact assessments

Air Quality Risk Assessments

  • Human health risk assessment
  • Ecological risk assessment 
  • Corrosion risk assessment
  • Landfill gas risk assessments

Air Quality Offsetting

  • Air quality offset implementation plan
  • Planning, Monitoring and Verification for air quality offset project
  • Status quo air quality assessment 
  • UAV (drone) air quality assessment
  • Source apportionment study’s
  • Qualitative and quantitative offset modelling
  • Community & household surveys
  • Offset Quantification
  • Prefeasibility studies for offset interventions
  • Stakeholder engagement and communication
  • Offset database development 
  • Knowledge management and dissemination

Cost Benefit Analysis for Air Quality

  • Top down or Bottom-up approach
  • Impact pathway approach
  • Emissions modelling
  • Concentration Response Functions
  • Monetised valuations (NPV)
  • Calculation of Environmental Benefits and Costs
  • Sensitivity analysis

Air Quality Management

  • Air quality management plans
  • Strategic air quality planning 
  • Air quality roadmap
  • Atmospheric emission license and permit applications
  • Facility licensing and siting
  • NAEIS reporting
  • Peer review of air quality compliance reports

Dispersion & Photochemical Modelling

  • Air pollution dispersion modelling (Gaussian Plume and Puff)
  • Photochemical modelling (Lagrangian and Eulerian)
  • Storage Tanks Modelling
  • Odour modelling
  • Air quality hot spot analysis
  • Real-time pollution forecasting
  • Technical peer-review of dispersion modelling studies
  • Decision support systems and custom tools
  • Emergency/Accidental release modelling for dense gas releases

Ambient Air Quality Measurements

  • Siting of ambient air quality stations
  • Compliance dust fall-out monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting
  • Passive sampling measurements
  • Ambient air quality measurements for sulphur dioxide; nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and mercury.

Air Quality Training & Development

  • Air quality workshops and training
  • Meteorology workshops and training
  • Atmospheric dispersion modelling workshops and training

Climate Risk & Assessment

  • Climate change modelling
  • Carbon management and strategy
  • Carbon foot-printing
  • Emissions trading, carbon credits and carbon liability advisory services
  • Climate change risk, adaptation, mitigation strategy and implementation
  • Compliance management
  • Compliance audits and due diligence reviews
  • Integrated sustainable design and construction

Attain your desired air quality objectives through groundbreaking advice and expertise. Trust ARM to solve your unique air quality management challenges.